Timing Chips:  Good Read
Voltage Regulators:  Good Read

Getting Started Guides

Learning Python (for Raspberry Pi):
Sam Redmond’s Python Lectures

 Laser Cutter
– Adobe Illustrator  (best to use with Laser Cutter) AI                                         –Inkscape Basic Tutorial    (also inkscape org)
Laser Cutter Printing Guide
Maker Case (easily makes boxes for you for laser cutter)

3D printer –  Afinia 3D printer (the student run 3D printer)

CAD Software
Inventor (free download for education)
Here are some youtube video’s to get you started on Inventor
– 123D design
– TinkerCAD (use this link for our free Account: 


Quick R
Graphical Analysis Download  (anyone has permission)

Youtube Videos:
Physics: I recommend my site 🙂
OP-Amp Crane Analogy
Op-Amps in detail


Circuit Simulations from Falstad

Scheme it from Digikey (works great and free)

Circuit Lab  (a great program, probably the best, costs $12 to use)

Draw your circuits in Word.  Download this file and use word draw

Arduinos, sensors, etc. – SparkFun

Arduino Programming Help – Arduino Reference Docs

Project Ideas and Designs – Make Magazine,  InstructablesJohnny Chung Lee’s Site, Thingiverse, Lady Ada, Brown Dog Gadgets

Scooter Parts – Monster Scooter Parts

Magnets – Magnet4Less

Tim Vanhook


Tim Van Hook – Website

Email him at

James Dann – Website YouTube

Brian Ward -Expert on all tools and design.
Runs tool shop Tuesday to Saturday (9am to 5pm)

Email him at


General Hardware & Builder  – Best local hardware store

890 2nd Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 368-2885

MacBeath in SF and SJ and Bellmont Doors – Buy wood
Talbott Toy Shop San Mateo – Various parts like gears, RC cars, etc.