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You will launch your experiment into space and take data all the way up through our atmosphere. You will do real life science way up in the stratosphere and the possible experiments to do are a plenty. You can use an Arduino microcontroller (or possibly a Raspberry PI) to take and log the data, run the radio communication and GPS.  You want to focus on the lightests payload weight possible (the lighter your payload, the higher you go). See the links to the left for the specifics. You can also take pictures or videos of your space adventure!

Overall Requirements

A successful launch and payload recovery is of course the number one requirement. This entails a good tracking system, a well designed payload structure and a calibrated and thoroughly tested data acquisition system. You will learn about transmitters, testing in extreme weather conditions (almost zero pressure and -100 C !), weather in the upper atmosphere, tracking methods and trajectory models, how to work as a team on a difficult task, microcontrollers, our atmosphere and in the final frontier …. SPACE! Teamwork and willingness to get the job done at all costs is important. See the link on the left for Space Launch for all the details. You will launch from Timm Ranch, located just outside of Vacaville.

Space Launch Video from the group Alex Welch, Alex Katsis, Charles Lewis, Ryan Grzejka, Chris Atkeson
Space Launch Video (click on picture)

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