Electric Motor

Complete Project Guidelines (click on this link):
Electric motor unit

Basic Instructions:

(For all steps, see Project Guidelines Docs above for details)

Step 1: Buildyour beta version in class, following the Electric Motor Proto instructions.

Step 2: Write a one or two page report (1.5 spacing) of how your prototype electric motor works.

Step 3: Your proposal. Detail the design for your electric motor and which categories you are aiming to win in the challenge.  Submit your design plans when ready to Dr. Dann for review.  Your paper (and all papers) should be in 1.5 spacing.

Step 4:  Build your electric motor, testing it along the way.

Step 5: Write a Paper on your electric motor

Step 6 (optional): Upload a video of your electric motor to YouTube.

Template for Emotor paper


Inventor videos to get you started

Oscilloscope Quick Startup Guide

Graphical Analysis ( if any problems downloading just ask me)

Circuit Lab  (a great program, probably the best, but costs $12)

Scheme it from Digikey (works great and it’s free)

Word Doc of Circuit Elements (then you can use word draw for your circuit)

Hall Effect Explained

Great Explanation Video It’s old school (even for me), but damn it’s good!

Transistor Primer

Photogate Analysis Article

Electric Motor Hall of Fame