Wacky Ideas

All Projects must include: Research on the theory of the science and/or engineering, a literature review, and original science research and/or engineering design.

Idea Explanation Do this if you like … Resources
Haunted House Use a microcontroller with motion sensors, laser trip wires and/or pure electronics plus various motors, springs, etc. to create either a prototype or full size haunted house that’ll scare the bejeezus out of your friends or younger sibling. Building things. Making things work. It’ll take some perseverance and some tinkering to get it all right. Start with one thing and build from there. Spooky Stuff and IdeasSome Haunted House Circuit Boards
Automatic Door Have your door at home open up with a secret knock, secret dance, body scan… Microcontrollers, real building. You can use ASR room door or one at home.
Bounce a Ham Radio Signal Off the Moon Using a Ham Radio transmitter, you can bounce a signal off the moon and time how long it takes to come back. From this you can judge the distance of the moon. Space, radio and doing something really cool and doing some research on how to do this. Ham-Shack SiteExperiment Bouncing Off the Moon
Use Your Brain to Move Objects! You will build a headset and electronics to use your brain waves to move objects, control the mouse, play video games … A combination of science, electronics and the amazing. EEG Designs
Smart Prosthetics
Self Racking Dishwasher Dishwashers are nice, but you still have to put the plates, silverware, etc away. Let’s take our western living laziness one step further. I think some robotics is necessary. And some microcontroller coding. Start with a protoype small one. You don’t have to do the dishwashing part!
Lego Sorter My kid has a huge box filled with Legos of all shapes sizes and colors. Can someone please invent an intelligent sorter so that they’re color and size sorted. Being creative. Tinkering.
The Lazy Man’s Hammock(this idea was submitted by Mr. Spence and Mr. Clevenger)
A hammock that swings automatically (via an electric motor, possibly powered by solar cells) with 3 different swing settings. In addition, there must be a table that is attached to the hammock and rotates so that a glass of lemonade will not spill as it swings. Building things and understanding how things work. You must have the drive to finish the project and overcome hurdles along the way. Mr. SpenceHammocksElectric Motors
Sensing Refrigerator The refrigerator has sensors for all your basic needs: milk, eggs, etc. The sensors send signals to your computer or your cell phone and generates a shopping list in real time that you can access from anywhere. Microncontrollers. Some software programming.