Things That Annoy Me

Please Invent a Solution

Annoyance Possible Solution Do this if you like…
Dog Poop I love my dog. I hate his shit. Why can’t he pick it up?Well he won’t. So invent a Robot to roam around the backyard and scoop up the dog poop Poop (J/K). Learning about microcontrollers and methane sensor. Build an actuated scoop system. You can use a car kit I have or repurpose a remote controlled car.
People Who Cannot
Parallel Park
Seriously, I have given up on people. Please invent a prototype car that can parallel park itself. Then consider giving away your technology as a good deed to society Learning about microcontrollers and sensors. Also you might design the car yourself and print it in 3D printer.
Plants That Die Without Complaining First A plant looks good then it dies next day. Doesn’t say a word. Help plants express themselves by inventing a system that sends daily emails detailing if plant needs water, light, nitrogen, calcuium… Go further and make a contraption that will automatically add what the plant needs. Plants.
Learning about microcontrollers and sensors. Also, some kind of radio communication.
Parcel Thieves I am way too lazy to go to the store. So I order stuff. But when someone steals my package it throws my whole system off. It is your mission to stop them. Be creative. Make them pay (but don’t hurt them, they’re thieves not murderers. Parcels.
Learning about microcontrollers, doing some electronics and being creative. <a href=";
Charging My Bluetooth Headset Why do I have to plug in my bluetooth headset to charge it?  iPhone/iPod should charge it through the EM signal iPhones/iPods
Being on cutting edge
The Blind Spot Seriously, why do cars still have blind spots. The cause of many accidents and even more figurative birds popping up. Fix this problem. Could be a sensor to detect cars and a servo to move mirror. Could be a new mirror design…. Doing something real. Solving a real problem with your ideas. Tinkering, testing and iteratively refining your idea to perfection.
Getting Water I hate getting water down at the lake when I backpack. But many people have to do this on a daily basis. Some girls are not going to school because it takes them 4 hours every morning to get water for the village. What if someone recycled all these remote control cars that clutter up garages, turning them into small water trucks that can drive down to the lake and suck the water through a filter into its storage tank on the back. Doing something meaningful and designing, testing, redesigning, …
You could focus on the sucking up the water, filter and designing a new remote car to carrry the water. Or you could focus on the drone vehicle part. Even better, autonomous.
Airport People Movers Are they this slow just to piss us off and make us walk? You can do better. Engineering. Prototyping mechanical systems. Testing, redesigning…
SQUIRRELS. They eat all my vegetables. I’m willing to share, but they are greedy, glutinous, self-centered… Invent and build a trap that humanely but decisively takes care of the problem.
Hearing Aids Mr. Delcarlo’s mother has a hearing aid and if you don’t take the batteries out every night they die. The batteries are very tiny and she can’t get them out. How about making a modern hearing aid with rechargeable battery that you plug in every night. Electronics. Design. Helping people (you’ll be helping me someday!)