Super Fly My Toy

Take a toy that you like and use your mad ASR skills to make it a toy for the 21st century. Take that old action figure and make him walk and talk. Take a stuffed dog you used to sleep with and put on a couple motion sensors and an audio output system. Now he’s your guard dog. Micro-controllers will be your friend here and we have a ton of them. They are very easy to program and work with as well. In general, do these projects if you like a little electronics, a little mechanical design (or redesign) and some minor (and easy) programming. Being creative is a big plus here as well.

Idea Description
Do this if you like …
Drone Toys Make your remote control cars, helicopters into drones. They send you video of the surroundings and perform various functions (like activating a squirt gun to shoot your friends) on your remote command. spying on people, annoying people …
microcontrollers (or learning them), electronics, tinkering and testing.
Here’s one that works from your cell phone
Look around, there’s a lot of ideas out there.
Legos: 21st Century I love Legos. So do you. But wouldn’t they be 10x cooler if they could move and react to each other? Put in a motor and motion detector on that Star Wars Droid cruiser. Have the century guards fire upon sensing motion. Make a Lego Youtube movie! Legos. Being creative. Electronics. And either more electronics or a little programming of a microcontroller. Check out a Lego store for brainstorming and the available sensors and motors at Arduino Homepage
Make your Own Toy From Scratch With 3D Printer We have a 3D printer. You can make anything you want in 3D. You draw it and the 3D printer makes it. It’s hard plastic, so perfect for a toy. You can design several components and screw them together. Your toy can have a motor on it, nerf gun, whatever your heart desires. Being original. Mechanics of motion, movement. Drawing parts in a CAD program. Working with the 3D printer Turtle Racers
Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Do this, or something like it. Choose whatever toy you want, but life is easier if the movements are constricted to 4-8 as with theirs. You can do your own idea from scratch, copy the MIT project or improve upon their design with an arduino bluetooth microcontroller. You can do this too! It’s not that hard. Boxing. Electronics. Hacking things up. Possibly some programming. MIT Project on Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots
Raphael Townshend’s Paper on how to translate hand motion onto the computerNick Keller’s Paper
Build a Toy City Build your own metropolis with moving cars, trains, elevators, windmills for power, etc… Mechanics. Designing. 3D printing. Some simple electronics.
Build a Trap It can be for an animal, or your kid brother. Make sure it’s humane either way. Design all parts on 3D printer and use either mechanical designs or electronic to activate the trap. Mechanics of motion, movement. Possibly some electronics (up to you). Drawing parts in a program like Solid Works and 3D printing.