Science Research

Remember that all Projects must include: Research on the theory of the science and/or engineering, a literature review, and original science research and/or engineering design

 Idea Explanation Do this if you like … Resources
MRI That’s right, Menlo has an MRI machine that you can do research with. Study Quantum Mechanics, medical experiments, imaging experiments, chemistry spectroscopy (i.e. what is inside that thing), your own experiment. In the process you will understand completely how an MRI machine works and how it can be improved. Applying your physics and science knowledge to a cutting edge experiment. The excitement of exploring new frontiers. An interest in medical imagaing and/or quantum mechanics. Explanation Videos
(by Dr. Callaghan)
Cloud Chambers Build your very own cloud chamber and research cloud formation and/or particle physics. Cloud formation is an important area of research for climate change. You can also build a magnet and identify the energy of particles coming from space! You see it all in a cloud chamber! Building something. Making it work. Amazing your friends. Doing real science. The chance to learn about modern science and the excitement of discovery! Cloud Chamber and Particles
Protection from Skin Cancer Does suntan lotion protect you from skin cancer? The Chronicle reports that they may not! Use the top notch spectrometer with 2 nm resolution to find out how much protection you get from skin cancer for various suncreens. Using top of the line equipment. Designing and analyzing your own experiment. An interest in skin cancer and the biology behind it.
Making White Light from LED’s LED’s are all the rage! They are much more efficient than the ‘energy saver’ halogen bulbs and last much longer. Astronomers would love LED lights, because can be easily taken out of telescope data. You will study LED lighting, their energy efficiency, and how to make white light. You have the opportunity to work with one of the leading Astronomers in US. A bit of electronics (nothing complicated). Using science equipment. Designing your own experiment and fleshing out your ideas in the lab.
Teeth Whitening Do Teeth whitening strips actually work? Do an experiment and find out. Study the whitening effects over time and in various situations. You’ll use the spectrometer to quantify it. Using science equipment. Designing your own experiment and fleshing out your ideas in the lab. A little chemistry to understand how it works.
Cosmic Ray Detector The Possibilities are endless and up to you. You can study particle physics, muon lifetime, solar muons, special relativity … your own idea for an experiment. 
Particle physics, modern physics experiments, data anlaysis and a bit of programming. WALTA
Program to Interpret HexidecimalChris Rebert’s Paper (includes his Python Program to run it)Recent experiment done at MIT Cosmic Rays Dr. Rossi
Measuring the Speed of Light You can measure the speed of light right here at Menlo using lasers and mirrors. Light.
Photoelectric Effect and Planck’s Constant Do the experiment for which Einstein received his Nobel prize. Also, using the red, blud, and green lasers measure Planck’s constant. Lasers. Modern physics. The mysteries of Quantum Mechanics.
Sun Telescope Make a telescope to study the sun and prove that it is undergoing Hydrogen Fusion. The sun. Some astronomy.
Measuring the Electron Mass No you won’t use a scale! You’ll use an electron beam and a magnet. This is a view into modern physics experiments. Electrons.