Atmospheric Science

Remember that all Projects must include: Research on the theory of the science and/or engineering, a literature review, and original science research and/or engineering design.

FAA Waiver info and FAA rules

Building Models Science Articles
Balloon Experiments You can expand on what we did first semester. Be creative. See this Sci Am article on wind generation for example. Amy et. al. for ASR

What They’re Doing at Stanford in Bio Launches

High Altitude Balloon Experiments Balloon Experiments have been instrumental in huge discoveries like cosmic ray particles and recently the Boomerang experiment provided evidence for Dark Energy!
See Patrick Costello’s webpage. Can you go higher?!? (and bring back pictures to prove it)
Patrick Costello’s Paper

Meeting FAA Reg.’s

MIT High Alt Balloon

Boomerang Experiment

Pressure, Temperature To find alitude from Pressure and Temperature models seeBarometer as an Altimeter

Free Software to make contour maps 
Another one GIS mapping service

Some Background

How Temperature Affects Pressure Data

Polution absorption method of determining no. of particles in atmosphere
Lightning Jacob’s Ladder (design in CAD, how work, measure Volts using hall chip or other)

Tesla Coil (design in CAD, how work, measurements)

Lightning (Scientific America)


Global Warming Statistical Analysis of last 100 years Temp. compare to last 2,000 or so.

Build a mini planet and very atmosphere, record Temp.

Climate Repair

NPR Website (lots of good articles and podcasts)

Tsunami Tsunami (Scientific America )
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Use CO2 detectors to measure output at different locations, different altitudes, from plants -see Dr. Dann CO2 Emissions

Climate Repair