The iFold Future of Laundry by Miller Geschke and Lauren Yang

Currently, a problem exists with folding clothes — it takes too long, is tiring, and is inefficient. An automated, portable laundry folding machine that folds shirts, pants, and towels was built to resolve this. The device has a center platform with four flaps. After a shirt, pair of pants, or towel is placed in the designated position, the device will sense which flaps are covered with photoresistors, determine the type of garment, and fold accordingly. The iFold requires the user to place garments, while the actual folding will be automated. The project was overall successful as the iFold correctly folds tops. The iFold folds shirts in 17.8 seconds on average with better precision on average compared to human folders.

See Video of it Working here:  IfoldVid

Read Whole Paper here: IfoldPaper

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