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All Projects must include: Research on the theory of the science and/or engineering, a literature review, and original science research and/or engineering design.

Idea Explanation Do this if you like … Resources
Making a 3D printed Prosthetic Prosthetics have sadly not changed much over the last thousand years since the first wooden leg.  But now you can empower people who have lost a limb to regain their full function and feel more human. Making things and tinkering with it until it is the way it needs to be. Perseverance is required.  Add electronics and possibly a microcontroller so that it moves on muscle or nerve commands. Sensing prosthetic on Cockroach

Enabling the future 

3D printed hand

Solar Cell Roads Why are we making roads out of asphalt that do nothing by heat up.  We could line our roads with solar panels and the cars that drive on them will also be powered by them. Both mechanical and electronic work.  Being creative and original.  You will design the road, the car and method of powering car from the road. Article on Solar cell Road in France

Solar Roadways

Water Purification for the Unconnected Masses When there is war in poor regions of the world, more people die from diseases stemming from untreated water than from the war.  Study the situation and design, build and test a portable water purification system that works for their situation  Studying old ideas and thinking up new ideas.  A nice mix of designing, building and electronics.  You will also use bio techniques to test your water system (i.e. did you kill the bacteria down to an appropriate level) MEDRIX Water Purification System

UV water treatment

Giving a Voice to the Deaf and Blind We have sign language, but very few people understand it and can speak with it.  We have brail, but with all the technology we could do much better.  Use the sensors and voice chips we have to give the power of speech. Designing.  Sensors and arduino.  Thinking of a creative solution Sign language Gloves 
Modern Hearing Aids Why aren’t these things better?  Shouldn’t the hearing aids be able to cancel out noise.  Shouldn’t they be able to auto adjust.  Heck shouldn’t they be able to translate other languages! Electronics, 3D printer, designing and thinking with an eye to the future.
Self Focusing Glasses Glasses that auto focus, work for nearsighted and farsighted.  Tint when sunny.
Wheel Chairs that go up Stairs Wouldn’t life be a lot easier for the disabled in a wheelchair if it can go up stairs.  Let’s do something about that. Mechanics mostly.  Some electronics for the motor, battery, controller system. You’ll do a lot of prototyping to get it right.  It’ll be fun when you have it going!
Refugee Housing  In 100 years, Refugee housing has not changed much.  World disorder is not going away.   These people deserve better treatment from the world community.  You can be that person to take us into the next century on refugee housing and make the world a more humane place.  Building things.  Design and architecture.  Some energy generation (solar, wind, …) and electronics, at least so people can charge phones.  You will also need to study the current movements of people in crisis (like the Syrian refugee crisis of 2016)


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