Laser Targeting Remote Control Car by Jack Swisher and Zach Kaplan

Abstract: A remote control car was designed and built for reconnaissance and to remotely fire a high powered laser. The drone was designed with a camera and long range transmitter so the car can be operated at long distances. In addition, the car’s remote control capabilities are based on the XBee Pro Series 2, which has a range of up to a mile [1]. A suspension system was also added to the vehicle, which measured 10.5” x 15” x 7” and four independently controlled reversible wheels. The laser attached to the car as well as the car were tested for efficiency and power output. The results revealed that the laser has an efficiency of 32.9% and a power output of 7.1 W, while the car has a running efficiency of 12.92% and 1.76 W output power.

Read Whole Paper here: Laser Targeting Remote Control Car

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