3D Scanner by Nikhar Arora and Ishani Thakur

For this project a functioning 3D printer and 3D scanner were constructed. A Prusa i3 V2 printer was built from a kit and programmed using an Arduino Mega. It was manually calibrated and leveled to print multiple objects such as a cube, a SF giants logo, and a ring that was previously scanned. The 3D scanner used a logitech webcam and a single red line laser to construct a point cloud of a given object. Once the point cloud was constructed, it was placed into a processing software, Blender, to remove extraneous points. The edited point cloud was imported into Meshlab, a software that computed normals and a Poisson surface for the object. This ultimately allowed the point cloud to convert to an STL file that was able to be printed, as was done with a red ring.

Read whole paper here:  3D Scanner

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